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  1. Scott Miller

    Firmware version 165 posted

    Hi all, Still holding things down pretty much solo, but in another 10-12 days we're supposed to be out of some of the lockdown restrictions. Firmware version 165 and WiFi firmware 50 are on the server, and you can use the 'update' command from the console or the button in the web interface to...
  2. Scott Miller

    Please hang in there, everyone!

    I'm very sorry for the lack of attention the forums have been getting, and I'm going to try to get to all of the threads soon. There are several things going on with the Tracker4, and honestly the technical issues are the less stressful parts. Silicon Labs has finally provided us with a new...
  3. Scott Miller

    Tracker4 build 144 posted

    I've posted firmware build 144 for the Tracker4 (and attached a copy here). I think this ought to finally fix the intermittent lockup bug that's been holding everything up for months. Please give this a try if you have a T4 and report back. If we don't have any crashes for two days, we'll...
  4. Scott Miller


    The Tracker4 is now shipping, so I guess it's time to try out the new support forums! Firmware updates are going to be frequent for a while - there are still a lot of features to be added and some bugs to be squashed. If you have any questions or feedback on the T4, post here!