Got radio cable, Tracker 4 beacons, but...

I've had the Tracker4 for a while, and the cable for the DE-9 to 6 pin Mini-DIN arrived. I hooked it up to my Yaesu FT-857d and the Tracker4 is beaconing.
Interestingly my Kenwood TH-D74a receives the beacon with the status line "APRS-IS for Win32". I can't see where I'd even set that!
Where would I set it?

Also, the digipeater is on, but beaconing from the Kenwood doesn't result in it "being heard", nor, therefore digipeating.
cmd:show digi_mycall

cmd:show rx1_level

That status line shows
Ch 1:99 ######## TX [ ] RX [*] D [ ] Ch 2:00 -------- TX [ ] RX [ ] D []

The Yaesu FT-857d is certainly hearing the packets.


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I understand about being a "one man show". It's difficult. Yeah, I'd rather be coding, too!
In any case, when I used a Yaesu FT-2DR to watch the beacons the status line came up empty. So the Kenwood
probably chose what it had last heard from the call sign as its status.

We know beaconing is working, so the connections for the audio out to the "1200 baud data in" is proper.
I took a VOM to the pins on each connector and find:

DE-9 male pin Mini-DIn 6 male pin
1 2
2 6
3 3
5 4
6 2

The male Mini-DIN 6 pin-out I find on the web doesn't match the pin-outs above, but does make some sense
for the female Mini-DIN 6 pin-out.
I just received a cable and connected my Yaesu FT 991a - like you, I could beacon out but can't receive anything. I fiddled with a number of the obvious control settings on the radio but haven't found the right combination yet...please let me know if you have.


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Might this webpage help?
The audio (Rx) from the radio to the opentracker should be on DE-9 pin 5
The audio (Tx) going back to the radio should come from DE-9 pin 1
and the PTT line should be coming from DE-9 pin 3
Ground is on DE-9 pin 6, and don't worry about any of the others.
I suspect identifying which mini-DIN pin is which might be the problem, so hopefully the positions indicated in the link above might help fix that.
Thanks Ian - at least in my case, I purchased the cable from Argentdata - so I hope it is correct. As I said, transmit works fine - I can beacon - but receive doesn't.


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Hi all,

Pardon the duplication, but I'm going to try to hit every open thread.

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For any software issues, try the 'update' command first if that's working for you. If it's not or if it's not connected to the internet, you can grab the latest files (as of 11/19/2020) here:

Copy them both to the tracker. From the console, run:

wifi load t4-wgm.bin
loadfw t4.bin
If whatever problem you're having persists, please email I'll try to check back here as time permits.