Kenwood RJ45 Pinout to ADS-SR1

I'm trying to get some help to hook the ADS-SR1 to my Kenwood TK-8360H RJ45 microphone jack.

A few of them are clear but a few I am unsure of and I don't want to fry the repeater controller. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


As of now this I what I think is correct

Pin 8 -------------- Pin 2
Pin 7 -unused- Pin 8 neither connected
Pin 6 -------------- Pin 7 or radio speaker????
Pin 5 -------------- Pin 4
Pin 4 -------------- Pin 3
Pin 3 -------------- Pin 6
Pin 2 -------------- Pin 5
Pin 1 -unused- Pin 1 neither connected

I am unsure on pin 7 on the kenwood. I don't know if Rx audio is the same as radio speaker.

I am also unsure if the kenwood offers COR. If anyone knows that would be great if you could help me with this one.

Otherwise I think the pins are correct.