Tracker4 Problems

Hi folks I have had my T4 for a while but today I wanted to change a setting and I could not see its wifi network. I connected it to a PC and did a firmware update. Now no WiFi and the lights on the front don't come on. Ideas?
Hey Richard, I just read your other comment.

So you were on 161 I assume and it didn't see the wifi network. And then you updated to 162, same problem. Then backed down to 145, same problem. Let me know if I got that right. Question I have is then, was it like this out of the box, or was it configured to work at some point?

I would suggest the following.

1) Make sure that your debug logging is enabled (debug on) and that you have set the verbosity to 7 (debug 7) as I was doing in my video.
Enter: debug on
Enter: debug 7

2) You can try first the two reset/init commands on Page 17
Enter: Wifi Off
Enter: Wifi Reset
/ pause / here you should see a list of WiFi networks nearby

3) Let's say you don't get anything, you can issue the Init command
Enter: Wifi Reinit
/ pause / here again you should see a list of WiFi networks nearby

4) If you don't see any nearby networks, then to test direct connection
Enter: Wifi Mode ap
/ pause / at this point you should be able to find the Tracker 4 broadcasting as an available network to connect to (in your list of wifi networks)

I would suggest attempting to work with the Tracker 4 directly so that you can make sure it is functional at this point.

Let me know if you've gotten this far or not.
Hi Conrad

With debug on and debug 7 active I can see data coming in so it's connected to wifi and an aprs server. However, there is no sign of it's own network so I cannot get the web interface.

I can confirm that the previous firmware was 161 which sort of worked - until it didn't...

Disappointing that the developer is not engaging here any longer - but seems happy to sell the units.
If the server connection is working then the network configuration is working (as a WiFi client). I recently bought a raspberry pi and it also works as either client or an access point but not both at the same time.

Tracker 4 should be running a web server at the IP address it has been given by your access point, accessible with your computer web browser when you enter http:// followed by the IP address. (Assuming here you are connected to the same access point with your computer.) In my troubleshooting I usually test using different types of web browsers.

I can’t speak to the developers situation, though he did respond when I emailed him about my order status saying they were extremely overwhelmed after a QSO article ran. I suggest emailing him with your frustration about this. But yes it would be nice if he ‘opened’ up the info about how the Tracker 4 works so we can self solve if he doesn’t have time to participate here.
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Okay thanks - managed to force the AP mode so that gave me back the web interface with wifi mode ap command.

I also discovered that it defaults to AP mode only if it cannot connect to a wifi network.

Making progress.
Yes just updated my response to exactly that - my raspberry pi works the same way, either as a client connected to another network, or as an access point if no preferred network found. It will function in direct mode as well (peer to peer) but normally either as a client or an access point.

By the way, I mention using different web browsers for troubleshooting because often they will cache (save) a prior connection to a web server and really confuse you by making it appear that it is not working or sorta working, whichever the case may be.