Tracker4 received (thanks!) but not behaving

Received Tracker4 and unboxed it today. Have two UV-5 transceivers, each running in APRS service, so known good. Have the Baofeng transceiver interface cable shipped with the unit as well as home-made (cannibalized a Baofeng speaker/mic) cable that's known good. Interesting note: the 2.5 mm and 3.5 mm connector shells on the shipped audio cable's audio connectors mechanically interfere with the UV5 case, so connectors don't seat (like 1/8" gap). Had to unscrew the shells to get enough room to push physical connectors into radio jacks to seat fully.
On Windows 7 PC, when plugged in via USB connector, shows up as ADS-SR2, but doesn't recognize as comms device. The USB disk mount worked fine, saw the file in the USB drive, a tar file, untarred that successfully. However, Windows did not recognize any of that as a valid configuration file for the serial port.
By this time, TNC ACT LED was blinking green about 2/sec, so apparently good GPS.
Connected via Wi-Fi Direct Connect, set the device to join home network, it joined home network. No issues there. Checked location via web page, correct so GPS works.
Then set up callsign as N7UV-3. Set beacon interval to 15 sec for testing. Every 15 sec ACT LED goes red, radio PTT happens, hear silent carrier. Changed TX delay and silent carrier duration changed accordingly. So that appears to be communicating.
Played with combined vs not combined PTT. No difference. No audio during transmit. Checked TX audio level, moved from 100 mV to 1000 mV, no difference. No tx audio.
Receiver is hearing regular packets from three APRS setups in immediate vicinity. Radio rx led comes on, but nothing at TNC.
Another interesting note: rx/tx LED never comes on. When TNC transmits, the ACT LED goes red for a moment. When packet received by connected radio, no activity on tx/rx LED.
Firmware builds: main - 161, Wi-Fi - 48

Any ideas?
73 - Jon N7UV
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Hi Jon - I just posted elsewhere, try running an older version of firmware to see if your behavior changes. Unfortunately once you do that you are going to be stuck at 145 or 162 as those are the only versions I have found access to so far until Scott uploads another version. But this may help with identifying the issue.

BTW it appears that Scott has been trying to put in more debug/troubleshooting 'tools' but I still found the Tracker4 to be overly 'quiet' and not saying what was going on.
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