Tracker4 - Status message telemetry

The telnet connection works just fine. That's pretty cool. Is there a way to make it ssh?

Here's what I get when I enter the command "info"

Supply voltage: 4078 mV
Uptime: 1914 seconds
EWM status: OK
Transmitter 1
Cooldown: 0 seconds
CW ID timer: 1914 seconds
CW inhibit: 0 seconds
Voice inhibit: 0 seconds
Active time: 0 seconds
PTT state: Off
KISS clients: 0
/090410z3329.54N/11204.37Wk000/000/A=001070 04.0V 48C

I am guessing that the voltage of 4.0 Vdc is the operating voltage inside the Tracker4; this doesn't seem very useful. I'd prefer that it gave me the voltage of the power coming in on the power input connector, which for this test situation is the supplied wall wart at 9 Vdc. When this goes into the truck, it'd be a whole lot more useful to know what the supply voltage is, rather than the internal regulated voltage.

In the truck I have an OT3m and the old Friendcom radio that I purchased from Argent, like, a decade ago. That Friendcom still just chugs away, seemingly bulletproof. I am assuming that I should be able to just swap out the OT3m with the Tracker4 and it will do its thing - that is, once I solve the issue I reported earlier. In the truck, I have a telemetry interface that has the OT3m 10-pin 0.15" pitch terminal block connector, and measures truck battery temp/voltage (directly at the battery), load current (using an ACS712 30A sensor in-line just 6" from the battery), and cabin temp.

Another observation: where is the internal temp sensor that's reporting 48C? The room is a cozy 25C, and the OT4 is significantly warmer than the environment, so I am suspecting that the internal temp sensor is mounted on the board and isn't very useful for measuring ambient temps. I have a sack of DS1820 sealed temp sensors, which I expect can be used to get an external temp. I think I'll try that right now!

Cheers and 73 - Jon N7UV
Wow. I thought there'd be at least a little feedback by now.

I broke out the Tracker 4 again yesterday and hoped that somehow I'd missed something since the last time I banged my head against it. Still nothing. Behavior is the same as reported in early September.

I opened the case this time, and snooped around inside. I did notice that the 78M05 regulator runs hot to the touch. I'd say uncomfortably hot, but I didn't break out the temp probe. This may explain the high temperature reading available on the webpage.

As well, when on the webpage (which works fine, apparently) the Vcc reading varies from 3.55 to 4.1 Vdc and appears to depend on temperature, at least to a secondary extent. I don't have a schematic, but it appears that Vcc to the main processor is at 3.3 Vdc or so, which I think is fine, but somewhere there's a large current draw that makes the thing unhappy.

For now, this thing is a write-off.

73 - Jon N7UV
Going back to this thread!

The question for ADS - when/how will the telemetry function be delivered as promised? And can someone answer my questions above about temperature and voltage? Even better, can you supply me with a schematic of the T4 so that I don't have to buzz out every connection myself?

Cheers and 73 - Jon N7UV

Scott Miller

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Hi all,

Pardon the duplication, but I'm going to try to hit every open thread.

Please consider this forum to be strictly peer-to-peer discussion for now. For anything that needs an official response, please contact We're tracking all tickets through Zendesk there. I won't guarantee that everything will get handled immediately, but we can at least see and keep track of it all.

There are just two of us working on the radio side of things for now and that's not likely to change while Covid is still a thing. We've at least reached something like a steady state, even if it's still exhausting. Macrofab in Texas is now handling some of our assembly so that's taken some load off, but the holiday season is likely to have us scrambling again.

For any software issues, try the 'update' command first if that's working for you. If it's not or if it's not connected to the internet, you can grab the latest files (as of 11/19/2020) here:

Copy them both to the tracker. From the console, run:

wifi load t4-wgm.bin
loadfw t4.bin
If whatever problem you're having persists, please email I'll try to check back here as time permits.



Scott Miller

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The telnet connection works just fine. That's pretty cool. Is there a way to make it ssh?
Not really feasible, I'm afraid. I checked it out and it's too heavy a protocol to fit in the T4 without taking up way too much code space. Telnet with TLS might be possible, but unfortunately the WiFi module doesn't support STARTTLS and telnet over TLS doesn't seem to be widely supported. Also, the WiFi module only handles one TLS connection at a time.

The voltage reading is only valid when it's running on something other than USB power, whether it's through the DC jack or the radio cable. And the temperature sensor is inside the MCU, so given the amount of power dissipated by the MCU and WiFi module it's more useful for internal health monitoring than telling you what the ambient temperature is.

Scott Miller

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Still working on telemetry, though I did get the supply voltage reading working again. The issue there was that the ADC pin assignment changed between PCB versions 1.3 and 1.4, and it was defaulting to the wrong pin. v1.3 boards may have trouble (I'm working on that) but that was a beta version and it looks like fewer than a dozen went out.