An old T2 as a digi?

hi all
well it has been a long time since i post a message,
i am recycling an old T2 that i baught many years ago as a Digi and i need to see an actual setup file
to be sure i am ok!
anyone could share whit me an actual working T2 as digi?
i would used it as a starting point to setup mine.

thanks in advance for your help
gervais ve2ckn


Staff member
OK since no one else has volunteered anything, I'll give it a go.
Try the attached file - you'll need to rename it by removing the .txt extension so that it becomes VE2CKN-1.cfg
The configuration file started off from a working digital repeater, but has been altered for callsign, location, repeater aliases, and a best guess at your Power, Height, Gain figure based on where your callsign appears to be located. You will probably need to set the volume (TX deviation) to suit your radio. Have fun tweaking.
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OK puisque personne d'autre n'a rien proposé, je vais essayer.

Essayez le fichier joint - vous devrez le renommer en supprimant l'extension .txt pour qu'il devienne VE2CKN-1.cfg

Le fichier de configuration a commencé à partir d'un répéteur numérique fonctionnel, mais a été modifié pour l'indicatif, l'emplacement, les alias de répéteur et une meilleure estimation de votre puissance, hauteur, gain en fonction de l'endroit où votre indicatif semble être situé. Vous devrez probablement régler le volume (déviation TX) en fonction de votre radio. Amusez-vous à peaufiner.
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Thanks Ian,
well i am looking to open this txt files
no joke ,,i dont remember what software would open such file
it has been a long time!

thanks again
gervais ve2ckn


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It's a config file saved by the OTWINCFG program - use that to open it. I added a .txt onto the filename as the forum won't allow .cfg files to be attached to a message.
Just click on it and save it in the same folder as your OTWINCFG.exe program used to configure your OT2, and then rename it back to VE2CKN-1.cfg
The you should be able to run OTWINCFG, load it in, tinker with it to your liking, and upload it into your OT2 to try out.