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1. Looking for alternative ways to power the ADS-SR1 other than via batteries or the RJ45 jack. Not sure what the proper voltage / amps are if I choose to power it via a AC to DC power converter bypassing the battery box. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. 2. Do new SR1's come preloaded with the updated software? Is the SR1 software update to be applied to both versions or just the standard version?
Scott Miller
Scott Miller
Hi! If you're powering it from the DC jack or the RJ45, it'll run on anything from about 6 volts up to 28 volts. Peak current draw is about 40 mA, so we recommend using a power supply rated for at least 50 mA. The adapters we sell are 9 volts and 500 mA.

The repeaters always ship with the latest firmware. There isn't a separate update for the high capacity version.